My windshield got a big almost 35cm crack like the one on the video and at Carglass they told me it can not be fixed and needed glass replacement (700 euros). So I will try my luck with DIY repair kit I bought from the internet for 65 euros for big cracks. The seller provided me with a helpfull DVD of many instructional videos and I posted the one I am going to use.
I will come back with some results later…

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  1. sherm dog

    Wonder what that would cost to have done?

  2. Beat Your Drum

    where did you purchase the crack jack tool (the gold one), and what type of lubricant did you use? thanks in advance!!!

  3. the dino gamer

    Why on earth would you try and repair this. Just replace it.

  4. Timothy John Reyes

    Does anyone know who will do this in Richmond

  5. ddotrop5

    Wow. I never knew it could be repaired 😊

  6. marcus alejandro

    I have a circular crack with three star cracks in the middle of it and is about the size of the bottom part of a standard coffee cup. It is three inches from the bottom. I can't afford to replace it. It happened in May and hasn't spread at all it's only on the first glass. I know windshield has a tempured glass then a type of plastic then the second glass. I would like to repair it and most places have said to replace it. But I cannot. Please help

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