A few years ago, a huge hype entered the aftermarket automotive world: the introduction of affordable “water meth” kits. In the past few years, the hype seems to have died down… but I’m confused as to why?

I mean… yes, E85 hit the mainstream market there for a while, but as quickly as E85 fuel stations came they also went, and it became harder and harder to buy this great racing fuel substitute. On the other hand, water/methanol injection gives you some of the benefits of E85, along with several unique benefits. Plus, water meth mix is cheap and easy to acquire. The benefit to cost ratio is good and, for anything forced induction, it’s also a safety net.

Now when you hear the phrase “water meth” for the first time, your mind might wander to thoughts of people missing their teeth, wearing mismatched shoes and flannel shirts with no sleeves and wonder how that is going to enhance performance on your car? Well, other than getting your car poorly washed for a dollar there might be some confusion.