My Friend Pete goes to Mack Colorado to Visit One Mans Hobby Shop and finds out it’s a Life Long Dream Come True as “Hot Rod” Bob gives us an Extreme Tour of his MASSIVE MAN CAVE/Automotive Garage! or 972-420-1293


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The Ultimate “Man Cave” / Home Hobby Shop – One Mans Dream Come True!

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  1. Constructive Destruction

    Can We Showcase Your Workshop On Our ToolBox & Workshop Tours Channel Our Subscribers Would Like To Find Your Channel??

  2. phdfxwg Fischercat

    4sp muncy but witch one m20 m21 m22 ???????? stone crusher ???

  3. Bradly Yechout

    Go for the 396 mill in the International!
    Also greetings from YouTube Land! ☺

  4. Robert Paczkowsku

    Im about 20 miles outta detroit myself. Wouldve been nice to meet that man while he was here. Im 33 years old and it gets harder every day to find friends my age that are into cars. I have a sayin' i tell new people when i meet them and it goea like this this, "all my friends are over 50 and millionares". Lol all the guys my age are lame ass video game playn shoe collecting yuppies. Not to mention the old school car guys have all the wisdom. Looks like yall are living the good life. Good to see pure happiness and fun. Take care fellas.

  5. Juju Partyboy

    Diesel engines produce particulates these multi hooked particulates hook into your lungs and can never be removed! Particulates look like Black Smoke you know unburnt fuel that comes out of over fueling diesel engines! Yeah when you see those diesels spewing black smoke over everyone they are actually slowly killing them! Kids are particularly at risk! This is why they are out lawing Diesels in Europe! its for the children's sake……………Love you Guys….

  6. Juju Partyboy

    A more fun solution to the multi turbo Diesel option is Compound turbo supercharged Big block Alcohol Engines lol…………….

  7. Travis Abbott

    Great video Pete. When you froze on Dave's smiling face as he was sitting in his old car his eyes choked me up/brought a tear to my eye. You definitely have mastered your hand at creating drama on "film". Love your videos.

  8. siwash99

    Why do Americans have to yell constantly?

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