Rolls-Royce does not want to discontinue the V-12, and I will tell you why. Leasing a car is improvisation. Buying a house and putting it under a mortgage is improvisation. Taking a bank loan to finish school is improvisation. Taking a cab is improvisation. Melding your own broken TV remote is improvisation. Having a dinner in an expensive restaurant to impress a girl is improvisation. Driving a hybrid is improvisation.

Rolls-Royce isn’t about improvisation. It is about the exact opposite – about genuinity. Something only a handful can experience, acquire, and actually live. Like it always was.

And for those select few, the world of regulations, melting ice caps, water supply problems in equatorial countries, and possible fuel shortages aren’t really that big of a deal. Rolls-Royce deals with those kinds of people. Exclusively! Those kinds of people want and need a V-12. They will have it – for as long as the ICE is a big deal. When it stops being a big deal, Rolls-Royce will do what is only logical – switch to electricity.