Learn how to replace spark plugs, inspect spark plugs, gap spark plugs, figure out what spark plugs are best for your car and where to use antiseize and dielectric grease. I cover every aspect in spark plug and wire replacement all in one video!

Again, thanks Advance Auto Parts for providing all of those spark plugs so I could make the video! Here is what I used:

Spark Plugs:
Spark Plug wires:

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  1. jon doe

    I’ve always use a rubber hose. Push the hose over the top of the plug and “fish” it down in the hole and twist the hose once the plug reaches the threads. It’s the sure way you’ll never cross the threads.

  2. Anna De La Torre

    Wow I've been watching your videos all day! You're amazing at what you do!! Major props! p.s. I like your NJ accent

  3. Javier Victor Mariano Bruno

    If you are showing complicated engines for changing spark plug you can mention the Astro Van hahaha or like my Jeep Grand Cherokee v8 wj (1999) where the 4 and 8 cylinders are almost inside the car…. I want to replace the spark plugs but I saw videos on how complicated is to get to the 4 and 8 cylinder… and I want to do the inyector upgrade (from stock bosh 1 hole to the 4 holes bosh) but same problem. Thanks for your videos chris!

  4. There are many usernames but this one is mine.

    This video really sparked my interest. 😂😂😂

  5. Scorpion -R1

    Is It Just me or is this kinda dirty

  6. Chester Hale

    Hey Chris your awesome man! I want to ask if you can go over some of the fixes on the T-Bird, as I have just purchase a 04 about 3 months ago. The car seems to run pretty good, but fixes are expensive! So i'm trying to learn how to care for it myself. Thanks bro!

  7. ChrisFix

    By the way if you shop at Advance Auto and use the code "SPARK" at checkout, you will get 25% off your entire order (order anything, not just plugs) from 6/21 – 9/30. *I do not make a penny from this. I literally asked Advance Auto for a discount for my Subscribers (and I use it too lol). I hope that helps!

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