Repair the windshield using kit sent to me by Visbella
Visbella is there Official Store.. and there link is

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  1. Sidney Mathious

    I have a vehicle with two cracks in it, but they never spread, thank God. When I received each crack it looked like someone had thrown it, but I never saw anyone either time the windshield, and I was so upset when seeing the hits. The vehicle is a 1999 Ford Explorer and it has been a great vehicle for me, and the windshield glass held up real good, and much better than the GM vehicles I owned, and the 2004 Ford F-150, and the 2007 Ford Escape have cheaper glass so Ford must have changed suppliers somewhere after 1999.

  2. Jaime Sustaita

    My 93 ford f-150 5.0 has Fluctuating rpm's and constant backfire, replaced fail fpr, iac and tps please help.thks

  3. Bowen Yan

    Great video,thanks for sharing.Actually i've brought several repair kits from some online sellers.Most are like trash for me.But this one works pretty well.I like it very much,and it's also very cheap which i can't believe that.Truns out there are some good sellers truly exist.

  4. wyattoneable

    Oh yeah, now I see it. My sticker at Jim's garage! I'm moving up in the world. It was sure nice to meet you in person Jim. I really enjoyed talking with you. I hope we can meet up again. Wyatt

  5. Jim Buford

    Jim, does the manufacturer state how large a crack the kit will repair. I have one on my Silverado that may be too large. Thanks

  6. gtturbo80

    hi, I can not get it to dry. I used the uv lamp for about 5 minutes but it does not cure

  7. Bianca Mongaya

    Is it possible to repair a crack without air pockets? A spider web like crack. I tried this but it doesn't work. I think resin cant enter into the crack. Anyone having the same problem? Help me please. Thanks.

  8. Viacheslav Titov

    Thank you so much for the video. Helped a lot with the windshield repair.

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