We continue to work on the Rear Quarter Panel on the 1967 Camaro as we do a “Quarter Panel Replacement due to RUST and Wear And Tear! It’s a Car Restoration that is well worth doing!

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Replacing a quarter panel is a big job but can be minimized by only replacing the partial section that is bad. In most cases the aftermarket quarter panel usually doesn’t have to be used as a whole but rather only use what is necessary to complete the job.

This instructional video set will teach you and educate you to be able to DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) without any help what so ever.. It’s and educational video that lets DIY AUTOMOTIVE SCHOOL tech you the tech tips and helpful hints you need..

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  1. baja

    Removing the rear window crank looks like the interior panel was damaged getting it off?

  2. ImTheDaveman

    I would have screwed it up royally just going on assumption. If I can't do it myself, I now know what to look for if I hire someone else to do it., asking questions on how they intend to patch it. If they think a customer might know a little something about bodywork, they probably are not going to be as quick to try to screw the client. Thanx again, Pete for educating people on this stuff.

  3. Joe Clarke

    Excellent set of videos on replace and patch panels

  4. duster71

    C'mon Pete,Mopar has the bolts on the underside. Another damn Mopar Hater.

  5. ZIGgassedUP

    We didn't start flush mount glass till the 70's and the Butal rope had a strip of thin wire in it…The "rope was laid on the glass with some urethane and 12 volts were then put to the wire and it all melted together.

  6. Courtney Lederhose

    Pete thanks for all the video's, it's great that you take the time to make them. Even though I am only straightening out a rodeo Ute (Chevy luv)

  7. 3 Wheels & A Block

    Great tip on removing the glass, I was doing a small repair on the floor in a nova and messed up the windshield.

  8. Hack

    Hey Pete I want to see the follow up on that 1967 Camaro, Do some video on the cutting.


    Thanks to everyone for watching and LEARNING! When I started doing this work I had no one to teach me anything.. Nobody would hire me for a job, and nobody told me how to do it.. I LEARNED FROM MY MISTAKES and climbed alot of hills to figure it all out! So take advantage of all the videos I post and LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES so you can DO IT RIGHT! Please Subscirbe and Don't Forget to Hit The Subscriber Bell For Quick Notices On NEW VIDEOS!

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