In this DIY my coworker asked for some help to change the spark plugs, ignition coils, fuel filter, and do an oil change on his 2004 Porsche 911 Turbo (996). This maintenance procedure can also be applied to 997 models.

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  1. Tedward

    just spent the weekend hooning a 996 turbo coupe! Love these cars

  2. German Driver

    Cayman's are much easier. Simply remove the rear wheels and the coils and plugs are right there. Mind-engine FTW =:D

  3. Frank Morris

    Thanks for the video! I just bought a 996tt and will be doing this service in near future.

  4. Oliver Jones

    Great stuff
    Need to do this on my 997tt
    Super helpful

  5. Clint Hightower Clint Hightower

    Sound track is on point, video was very well done, engaging and easy too follow, the only problem I noticed was you need Light Savers from!

  6. Clint Hightower

    Looks like your buddie needs "Porsche Light Savers" for his taillights, ijs.

  7. houkmauf

    funniest part for me is I perked up at the 39 second mark about the cup holder add-on 🙂

  8. Synthetics Planet your Amsoil Dealer

    Why Mobil 1, have ever thought about using Amsoi?

  9. Martin JK

    It's Porsche NOT PORSH….get Rosseta Stone bro…

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