Porsche is good to us these days. Many people have been discussing the differences between the current 991-generation 911 and the upcoming 992-generation 2020 911 and, now, Porsche took both out for a spin. This means we’ve got pictures of them together we can analyze all the little differences since the 992 is basically not wearing any camouflage.

We’ve been talking about and seeing the new Porsche 911 992 for over a year now. We’ve even caught glances of the Turbo version and the GT3 version so there’s not much room for speculation before Porsche finally reveals their baby at the L.A. Auto Show which will kick off on November 30th.

But, before that, Porsche has offered us the chance to contrast and compare the outgoing generation with the new one. To make things easier for us, as the cars are almost identical, the old one is blue, and the new one is yellow. Thank God they didn’t go for two tints of opaque gray!

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