There you are, soaring above the clouds, gazing down upon the Earth, the atmosphere rushing around you as you defy gravity. Then poof, you wake up, still ground-bound and in bed, and you realize you’re late for work. Damnit. Well, not to worry, because these days, personal flying machines are popping up all the time. Take this one, for example – the Opensky M-02J, a Japanese-made, jet-powered glider that might make your dreams come true.

Offering up accommodations for just a single individual, this glider is basically a pair of wings with a single center-mounted engine, which the pilot appears to mount in a prone position. The whole thing is over 30 feet wide and nearly seven feet long, and offers a top speed of 124 mph (although the recommended cruising speed is between 31 and 56 mph). Flight times vary, but average around 15 minutes. You might also wanna cut down on the cheeseburgers, as the maximum occupant weight is limited to 110 pounds. You’ll need to be pretty dextrous as well, as the aircraft is controlled by shifting your weight forward and aft to climb and dive respectively, left and right to bank.

Overall, we think this thing is pretty damn cool. As you might expect, it isn’t cheap either, as costs to produce this working prototype come to well over a quarter million dollars. Unfortunately, there are no plans in place to produce any more examples, but the fact this thing exists at all is pretty exciting, don’t ya think?