7/2017 UPDATE, I have posted a video of how it was made..This is a underground pit for car repair, when not in use it is locked into the concrete slab and can support over 15000 pounds. It also has the ability to lift a car a few inches above ground level for tire and brake work. Been working on this for 3 months and am currently dialing in the hydraulic system. If you look at the deck and the round cover in the slab you can see them lift when the platform descends this is due to displaced air from inside the pit. Will post an additional video in the future showing how it works and what was involved in construction.Here is a link to the construction video

I know a lot of people are loosing sleep over how unsafe they feel this is. I lost a lot of sleep making it as safe as possible prior to starting construction. No I don’t run the vehicles engine while the pit is in use. Yes there is a fire extinguisher, no I don’t have flammable liquids in the pit or in the building the pit is in. All the edges have a 45 degree angle on them to push your foot or whatever out of the way when it is going up. Yes there is a ladder to get out i n case of power failure, yes you need 2 hands to activate it, Is it safe? I think as safe as driving a car FWIW

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