In this video of our 1977 Honda Restoration Project, we will start out repairing some nasty rust and rot by cutting out the old metal and replacing it with a Patch Panel from another car! It’s a “THROW AWAY CAR SITUATION”!
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  1. Charles Blake

    WOW I was glued to the video. That was very interesting. Thanks Pete

  2. andrew c

    Hey Pete. Instead of all that poster board wrestling, wouldn't it be easier to cut the patch the size you need then transfer that to the rusted car and cut it?

  3. Junk works DIY Garage

    i would bet a tree fell on it

  4. Jeremy Scott

    What's up with the civic hatred?Larry you can leave☞🚸

  5. Mustang Boss

    I would not restore that….go crush it.

  6. jai jai

    How much did you charge? Ball park figure.

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