In this video, young mechanic Aiman will show you how to remove or take off that stubborn or stuck steering wheel on most cars, vehicles, minivan or SUV, with or without airbag (of course if with airbag you’ll have to remove the airbag first, check the following video to remove airbag:

The removal was done on a 2004 Honda Accord (which is the same as 2003-2007 model DX LX & EX) and also on a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country minivan (which is the same as model years 1998-2003). Most Honda such as Civic, CRV, Pilot, Element & Odyssey are pretty much the same way. Chrysler on the other hand is the same as Dodge.

The tools used to remove the steering wheel in this video is a 46-piece Bolt Type Wheel Puller by Pittsburgh Automotive from Harbor Freight Tools. We’ve done a full review on the set in the following video:

This bolt puller automotive service kit includes everything you need to remove harmonic balancers, gear pulleys, steering wheels and crank shaft pulleys.
Two or three way yoke
5 in. long 3/4 in.-16 pressure screw
Grade 5 bolts
Zinc or black oxide coated
Organized storage case

If you need to remove a pulley and then reinstall it without damage to the pulley, this is an essential tool for the job. It is really cheap, at $15 ($12 if you use the 20% off coupon) you also get a carrying case which will keep the tools organized.

Very strong tools, worked great, get the job done, well worth the money, although the washers are a little flimsy.

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  1. Geometric Panda

    Hello! I have never used a wheel puller I just smack the steering wheele loose lol. I recommend you mark the steering bezel or make sure that the front wheels are straight when putting a steering wheel back on or it may not be aligned straight.

  2. Ryan Bolton

    I am having trouble actually removing the hex bolt that connects the wheel to the steering column on my Durango. I used a breaker bar and a impact driver but it won’t turn. Do you have any suggestions?

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