In this video we’ll learn the easy simple way to remove Drip Rail Moldings Off Classic Cars And Trucks using simple hand tools so you can Do It Yourself with no problems or worry’s! It’s a DIY AUTOMOTIVE SCHOOL Lesson that everyone restoring an old classic automobile should know.

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Drip Rail Moldings. … Also known as rain gutter trim, are the thin moldings that sit along the top of the roof-line on both sides of the vehicle, and are essential towards protecting your car’s shiny finish and are a product that protects against paint chipping and metal rusting. Most classic automobiles have these items installed on them, and are also a symbol of beauty. Drip Rail Moldings are either made of Stainless Steel or Aluminum, and in some cases Plastic. They can be replaced with aftermarket replicas (when available) or can also be restored to their original beauty and luster if processed by a professional that knows how to do so! Removal of the drip rail moldings should be taken in care so as not to ruin them, and are very delicate and can be ruined easily.

Below is an aftermarket outlet that supplies drip rail moldings:

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  1. Junk Box Mike Calvert

    My Caddy was in three pieces.. I used this method along with pliers, the bottle opener trick and a 4 in 1. Lol. Good info Pete. Adds to my ideas if I ever start on my next project. I know I haven't commented much but I always watch. Alot going on for you too I know. Take it easy Pete. Talk to ya soon! JB Mike

  2. spacystacy51

    Nice tech tip. Chrome trim is all trim is a pain in the ass. Good teck tips. From the comments seems A's if you've learned from do things all kinds of different ways. So yeah thanks for sharing your experiences and skills with us.

  3. crossmember343

    Thanks for the great tip once again.

  4. Jim

    I tried the "church key" method recommended by many but found it was easy to bend that edge just like you say. Your method looks like the best! Thanks for the tip & can't wait to see you up and running in Moab!

  5. Robby N jones

    in 1960's all mouldings were metal.roofline [gutters]
    right down to wheel arch chrome..OFTEN they were dented in carparks etc thats ok,but 60's have gone so is factory replacements.. Show us how to take out minor dents
    please…without making it worse [the public viewers]

  6. 90taz scooter

    great job i love the old school way how many of those did you ruin before you got it right

  7. 90taz scooter

    I love wacthing your video's it's way better than that shit on discovery and velocity your just a hard working s.o.b. doing it the r ight way the old school reality way


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