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This blue metallic Mazda has been into our shop before for repairs. This time a front end collision resulted in a few replaced panels, a few repaired dents and a complete paint job on the front end.

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  1. Tom Coker

    Why is the hood a lighter shade of primer than the fender?……

  2. TJ Ward

    did you change the air pressure when you did the mist coat?

  3. D. R.

    How do you get the metallic particles off the skin though? This stuff is all over my hands and face. I can't go into public because I'm afraid some Twilight fan will ambush me.

  4. carlos Mendoza

    You done awesome job.. that color I like alot want to paint my 2016 Corolla le

  5. Ryan_Greenwalt

    I always scribe my initials at the bottom right corner of the hood. Freakin masterpiece!

  6. Veeresh Bandaru

    Next time use metal flakes in clear coat…

  7. Brooke Nebergall

    The second camera did make a difference for me.

  8. richard wilkes

    What is the psi for spraying this paint?

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