In Ford’s new ad campaign, between shots of Bryan Cranston, we get a two-second glimpse of a redesigned Mustang that could just be the hybrid the company has been teasing for nearly a year.

On Friday, Ford opened up their new ad campaign with an epic video featuring Bryan Cranston and his smoldering voice expressing the importance of hard work and action over talk.

And at right about the 37-second mark of the video, we get an electric blue taste of what is predicted to be the Mustang hybrid with a completely redesigned front end.

The iconic Mustang badge on the grille (which appears to be plastic, which is typical of electric cars) as well as the disassembled, skeletal view of the mechanical workings of the vehicle are illuminated with the same shade of neon blue that Ford has been using to indicate electric vehicles.

On the other hand, when the body of the vehicle expands in the ad, we can clearly see an engine, specifically a V-8 engine, so it is likely that this really is the hybrid that Ford confirmed is on its way over the past year.

In January, Ford released a teaser video of a Explorer SUV and Mustang entering the same garage and were then struck by lightning which we assume combined the two.

The vehicle that exited was nothing but a neon blue light soaring quickly down an empty street accompanied by an engine rumble followed by an electric motor sound.

Months later in September, Ford provided Medium with a sketch that showed the back end of an electric crossover supposedly inspired by Mustang that’s also expected to come out in 2020.

It’s extremely likely that all three of these are the same vehicle.

The hybrid model, allegedly named Mach 1, is expected to have a 482 km range and be released in 2020, but that’s pretty much all we know right now.

With teases getting closer together and with the debut of a new ad campaign, maybe we’ll get a clearer view sooner rather than later.