As with every new car, manufacturers are trying to reinvent the wheel. Well, not literally, but, at least, they are trying to make the most of it. It is the same case with the new 2020 BMW Z4, a new BMW roadster that looks to transform everything we have known about the previous gen Z4 into something more meaningful, sharper, and definitely more sporty. The latest generation car makes do with some fundamental changes compared with the outgoing model, the E89 Z4. How deep the changes go is quite extraordinary, despite BMW actually offering something similar to the previous gen car – a RWD, small, and fun roadster.

Here, I am presenting to you five things you didn’t know about the new BMW Z4. These should give you a whole new insight into what BMW actually wanted to achieve with the new car and help you understand how the Bavarians managed to change the car’s character without changing the layout.