I had a minor bumper accident and wanted to experiment for a bit on how I was going to repair it. And this is my result…


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  1. Nick Buntyn

    Thanks for the video man ! Awesome as always

  2. Nour Muradi

    hi i have some questions
    1 Did you just use water with the clay bar or wax.
    2 What compound did you use.

  3. EyeAmJusTee

    Wooow!!! I wonder if that would work on my car?

  4. gzyang1986

    but thats not a scratch more like rub n scuff and thats plastic. do like paint scratch on main metsl body. thanks.

  5. Enzer

    what is that in the red spray bottle? and what brand of clay bar do you use?

  6. Dharam Singh

    Good suggestion, I fixed mine using maguire from Walmart

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