USE 2 x 12’s or 2 x 4’s to make them cheap. detailed instruction, and actual use. these will not slide as wood will grip better than plastics or metals ans prevent slipping.

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  1. Jack Jonson

    Hi mate what screw size did u use ? An the second ramp you show at the end, made with smaller blocks of wood, is it screwd togeather ?

  2. Jack Jonson

    Thank you for reply. On your 10.5 ramp, are boards 10" wide an 1.5 thick ? An what size screw would i need ? Sorry im new to wood work ? An thanks agaun for your help

  3. Jack Jonson

    Thank you for your reply. I brought a 10' wide an 5 ' high today. I hot a normal saw so trying tcut through it to make 2 halfes for each tyer. Then i gota try plain in down from 1 end. It was £25 just for the 1 wood, quite expensive thank you again

  4. Lexicon Devil

    Garbage. Don’t follow this idiots example.

  5. HorribleHarry

    very helpful, thank you very much! I'll be building mine this weekend

  6. Ron Yerke

    Good job. I HATE sliding steel ramps too. I saw a guy's ramps with casters on the ends for rolling around when not in use.

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