Join me as we finish off the spot repair I did on the front bumper cover on my Toyota Corolla.

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After having a lot of questions about the blade I use while masking a car I decided it easier to include a link to the product here.

Health & Safety Notice:
All of my videos are made in good faith for
entertainment & to help people learn my methods.
Many of the materials I use in my videos are
highly toxic & can be harmful to the human body.
If you are unsure of the health risks of any products
please refer to the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
or TDS (Technical Data Sheet) all products have one,
available online these days but your supplier should print
on request, follow outlined precautions or you may be putting
your health at risk. After watching this video
“Get out there and Paint Some SH!T”

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  1. Solomon Paul

    Hey bro your videos has been really really helpful thank you

  2. Mr. Vega

    Notification squad! Always with the perfect upload timing: midnight here, relaxed, and enjoying my beer and the vid. Cheers, Gunny!

  3. Slackerz Sincity

    All for the channel. I guess I’m just lazy to sand. Just get those paint less dent repair guys.

  4. Jesse Parris

    Did you order the one piece overalls off ebay? Where can I get those?

  5. Junkers

    Your taking this channel in a good direction, making it more relatable for the average DIYer. Curious to know how that acrylic will hold up against the test of time.

  6. 74F100 Shortbed

    Wow came out great with just using rattle cans. Doing my daily driver's front bumper right now with rattle cans, you gave me something to shoot for. Thanks again sir, enjoy the weekend!

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