diy dent removal – Can I Cause More Damage If I Repair Dents Myself

Can trying to fix the dents yourself on your vehicle actually cause more damage?
If you’re trying the DIY method of dent removal can you actually make the damage worse on your vehicle?

Do you know what can happen if you go inside the panel and try to fix it yourself and push out the dents. Have you thought maybe the dent will just pop out by itself or maybe figure I can do it myself and it will just work out fine.

Well in this video what you’ll see is the damage caused by trying to push out the dent with a tool or by hand which then caused all these spots to poke out resulting in more damage.

What can happen if you try dent repair yourself is if you get in there and you try to do yourself you try the diy method of pushing the dents out and you start pushing these high spots it can actually damage the paint and you can crack the paint or you can bust the paint. I’ve seen other times where that’s actually happened and somebody got in there pushed it completely ruined the paint and then you now need a completely new paint job and it’s going to cost you three, four, five times as much now to have this repaired at a body shop and painted instead of just using paintless dent repair to do it right the first time.

If you’re watching videos online and you’re seeing people that are saying they fixed a dent or they popped this dent out or they used a heat gun to get the dent out. Well, these videos are going to look great but no one’s going to show you the ones were they tried to fix the dent and it just didn’t work. Your just not going to see those type of results online.

So just be prepared if you want to try fixing dents yourself you may just not get the results that you are expecting and the dents just may not come out the best and be careful that you do not cause more damage, cause more damage it’s going to cost you more money in the end.

So if you need to call a paintless dent repair service first just contact them see what they can do with the damage maybe before you try to do it yourself, but if you do try to do it yourself just you know to expect that you may not get those best results out of it.

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diy dent removal – Can I Cause More Damage If I Do It Myself Dent Repair | How To Repair Dent #PDR

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    I've seen some hail damaged cars that had some high spots from someone trying to glue pull out the dents themselves.

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    I've always thought getting the expert to do the job is the best option. Doing it yourself just wastes time and causes lots of frustration.

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