For info and to purchase a fender cover:
In part 10 of this series Kent will demonstrate a very unique fender cover. If you have not seen one of these before you will be impressed at how well it stays on the fender. If you work on the engine of your car you must use fender covers to prevent scratching and staining the car’s paint. Many who have used fender covers know how easy it is to knock them off the fender and onto the ground. Here you get to see a great alternative.

In his “quick tip” video series Kent Bergsma shares short automotive maintenance tips and tricks that you may find helpful when repairing your own car. Each tip is one to two minutes in length, covers only one specific topic, and is geared for the do-it-yourself home mechanic. Using these tips can help protect you AND your car, and possibly save you hundreds of dollars $$$.


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