D.I.Y. Automotive Code Wizard Software


The DIY Automotive CODE Wizard software, a product made for the Do-It-Yourselfer, and average consumer. The automobile technology of today, is reaching super-high levels of complexity. Gone are the days when a screwdriver, was all you needed to repair a vehicle. There is actually more technology in a car now, than there was on the Apollo Spacecraft.

This easy to use computer software, will show you what you need to know, in order to find what’s wrong with your vehicle. You ask the software for a full, no nonsense report. The software allows you to choose your faulty code, which was given to you at the repair shop, during diagnostics. You may also purchase, an inexpensive code reader for under $30.00, and ask the vehicle yourself. Here is how it works. All 1996 and newer vehicles, sold in the U.S. and the E.U. have the same diagnostic computer system, and connector. The same code reader is good for all Domestic, Asian, and European vehicles. Whenever there’s a problem, the vehicle’s ECM or computer, sets a faulty code in memory. To use the faulty code reader and software, simply plug in your code reader to the diagnostics connector, always found under the steering wheel, and just press a button. Then, start the D.I.Y. Automotive Code Wizard Software, and choose the faulty code, that you received from the code reader, or repair shop. After doing so, this is what you’ll get from the Automotive Code Wizard Software program.

1. Faulty code definition, and more important, why was it set. A complete faulty code description, and the possible reasons for your troubled vehicle.
2. Faulty Code repair report, in Dollar amount. You’ll get the estimated parts cost, labor for that particular component replacement, normal diagnostic charges, and all other possible repair charges, that may be added given your particular problem. All this information, has been carefully researched, from multiple sources and in accord to real-life applications.
3. Finally, you get a brief and straightforward explanation, of what to ask the repair shop service writer. The moment you ask these questions, you’ll immediately be respected as an educated consumer. You’ll get your money’s worth, out of this product, from your first repair.

This is a must have product, for any car owner. Don’t be caught off-guard. Avoid getting ripped-off, by unscrupulous repair shops. Document yourself, and save money. Know a few simple basic principles, and learn to weed-out the bad-apples of the repair business. Learn how much it should cost, the possible reasons for your vehicle’s fault, what to ask when at the repair shop, and a top notch dollar amount repair report. Written by technicians, the information here is found nowhere else. The software is also bundled, with a small e-book, which shows you how to find the right repair shop. What is certification? Do I want a mechanic, or a technician? Why is my Check Engine light on? Is it important? Get the answer to all these questions, and much more, with the included e-book.

In today’s world, this information can empower you, whether you’re a man or a woman. Avoid a costly repair bill, by knowing the facts, and feel in control, when talking to the repair counter person. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. ADPTraining

    We appreciate that. Feel free to use this channel for all your auto-repair knowledge needs.

  2. Mike Mini


    DO NOT BUY any of this guy's Software Packages, since he will just take your money…send you a DOWNLOAD LINK (and NOT on a CD!!) that will be in a ".MSI" FORMAT…. and when it "Does Not" Play OR you want to know HOW TO BURN this ".msi" format onto a CD/DVD…you WILL NOT be able to reach him by his "published" Phone Number (even after you leave messages for days) or by EMAIL!!!!

    ..AND would you believe that this joker wants you to buy a Transmission Scanner from his Website (for $2000 dollars) or even his "PC-Based" Automotive Scanner (like AutoEnginuity) for $1500 dollars (with a Laptop included)…could you IMAGINE the type of TECH SUPPORT you would get…while I can't even get this guy to answer a question about THIS $20 Software I recently bought off of his WEBSITE??!!

    Stay away from this joker, and just watch these YouTube videos he offers us (IF you can understand it!)


    i just call and he answer the phone, i as question about one of his software and he gave me a full description of his software and a tour of his webpage.

  4. Kevin Minor

    Do not buy this its a joke. Its does not work as described!! And when you call for a refund he will tell you that software downloads are not refundable. Its a scam!!!

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