The Toilet Will WORK, but we won’t have a shower. Thank You MISTER PLUMBER GUY! DIY Auto School is Getting closer everyday!
or 972-420-1293

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  1. D Ron

    When the school opens up can I get an invitation

  2. Airbrushing By Nick

    I see you got your first rust bucket in the garage dude to work on. LOL

  3. Jer Bear

    Well, I like steel studs as well. It pretty common here in Utah. Must just be that town.

  4. Wild Man Channel

    Cut that whole bathroom floor out and do it again, theres no pitch to the drain and all the plumbing is fucked. Its a one day job man, easy. Its not that bad man, cheer up

  5. Wild Man Channel

    Get on local facebook garage sale group and find a gravel guy and plumber.

  6. Michael Johnson

    Why if the room is that big are all the utilities crammed into the same corner?

  7. Larry Walters

    Pete that building is beautiful you guys deserve it. Grandpa larry

  8. Denis O'Brien

    …..waiting for a video on the purple dick car!

  9. TheMarcusGomez

    What year where those other buildings built though?


    The concrete can not be busted out around the toilet flange because it’s buried in the foundation of the mono slab. There is also a main I beam in the corner and is the foundation is busted up it can cause serious damage and cracks to the foundation which could cause structural damage to the I beam that holds the building up!!

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