The sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro was just updated for the 2019 model year, now sporting a brand-new face that makes it more aggressive than ever. As it is always the case, Chevy began rolling out various upgrades and accessories for its popular coupe. With the 2018 SEMA Show just around the corner, Chevrolet created the Camaro Shock, an SS-based pony car that showcases a new exterior color and various accessories and concept parts.

Finished in Shock Yellow, hence the Camaro Shock name, this production-ready concept is packed with accessories and performance parts created by the same designers and engineers responsible for the Camaro itself, for seamless integration. While some are already available, other parts will hit the market later this year and in 2019. As usual, you can shop online for the parts on Chevrolet’s website and choose to have them delivered either at home or at a dealer delivery. You can also choose to install them yourself or have them fitted by professionals at a Chevy dealership. Let’s see what’s new.

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