Many potential Arnage owners ask: Where will I get a Bentley serviced? -or- Will the car need to be taken to a dealership every time it needs service? I attempt to answer this question in this video. One of the viewers on another video commented, “it’s just a car.”

While the cars are built to the highest standards of luxury, it is still just a car. If you are comfortable working on a car, and have the basic skills and knowledge required to accomplish such tasks, then you can feel confident working on a Bentley Arnage. There are some aspects of the car that do require a trip to the dealership or a specialist. Those types of projects usually involve the car’s engine management systems or ECU.

But in this video, we take a look at a recent repair that I decided to tackle by myself. A small leak had formed from the primary coolant tank located under the hood. Is my repair successful? Or do I end up taking the car to a mechanic after I severely screwing it up?





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  1. broomsterm

    Junk. And while you did the right thing with the Chevy part, paying $120 for a hose just completely negates any respect I had for you. A hose? Really?

  2. John Frei

    Constructive criticism: you might want to equalize the volume throughout your videos.

  3. Thomas Boyd

    -opens hood and pulls out a tricycle while I'm drinking my coke over here
    You owe me a new monitor, my good sir.

  4. Gy Bx

    If you can repair it with common parts, by all means do so! My caution is the rarity and expense of critical parts. I had an MB450SL–a relatively high volume seller–and the parts were very expensive. Luxury cars of the 70's & 80's were pushing the technology envelope and the designs were complex. These cars were not designed for DIY.

  5. raspucin70

    You are the hero of "normal" car owner. Bentley IS just a car in the end. Finding that the sensor was actually GM product was priceless (well..actually it had a price…a much lower price lol). I really like your "lets do the research before we go wild with throwing money at it" approach. Thumbs up!

  6. Anthony Williams

    You could have done a silicon hose that would have lasted FOREVER and cost $10.

  7. stephen bradley

    which was the bentley that had the head gasket problems. was it the 4Ltr or the 6.75Ltr

  8. AIR Nashville

    Nice job! I have a 2008 Contenintal GTC and I'm learning to do some myself.

  9. Al Briseno

    Josh: I am a former Arnage owner and agree that there are many items that can be repaired by the owner. If you are not a member of the Rolls Royce Owners Club you should join. There is a forum section where other members give great help. Also, I order from Introcar often but there is US source, its Albers from Bentley Zionsville. I have a Bentley Turbo R currently but drove my Arnage to Orlando and Pittsburg from San Antonio with no problems. They are great road cars!!

  10. justinhamill954

    Did you Lube up The Seal before pushing a sensor in?

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