Car fix: Dented bumper repair DYI lifehack. Do you know that you can fix a crashed bumper with just hot water and pushing with your hands? Well look at this man from Colombia, he is fixing his audi a3 bumper in just 2 minutes with his homemade car bumper dent repair method


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  1. Leo

    I just read ended a chinese motherfuckers car with my rear so this will help!!!

  2. David Bragg

    This worked perfectly (2004 Honda Odyssey bumper), thanks!

  3. Lestat160610

    Монтажный фен для дураков?

  4. Welcome Lotus

    மண்டையில முடி இல்லாதவனெல்லாம் மூலைக்காரர்கனு நிறுபிச்சுட்ட

  5. Hona Wikeepa

    Mums hairdryer. I use her hair straightener to make CBD Rosin to put her bipolar at bay.

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