At the other end of life, at the other end of the universe, and at the other end of money people are actually thinking of increasing the power output of Bugatti’s W16 engine. You know – the one that produces 1479 horsepower for the Chiron, 1184 horsepower for the Veyron Super Sports, and 987 horsepower for the Veyron.

How to proceed? What will the future make of the famed 16-cylinder engine that was developed from that awesome Volkswagen W12? That question is occupying the great mind of Stephan Wilkenmann, Bugatti CEO, as he walks in his haute couture suits with a neverending smirk on his face.

Does it bother him? I would not say so as he just sold 40 Divos for 5.8 mil a pop even before unveiling the car. He could sell all remaining Chirons, too. Right now! However, he has to slow down and let the Chiron live its full life. That is more than 8 years.

What happens after that? The W16 will be too old, and according to Winkelmann’s talk from the Divo presentation, it already operates almost at the edge of its capacity. In other words, the W16 cannot churn much more power without sacrificing some of the reliability, or refinement. If it sacrifices any of it, it would not be a Bugatti then, would it?