Buffing Car DIY Buff Cars Detailing Auto Detail Video How To Video Before & After Video How To Buff A Car & Detail Buffing and Wash Tips DIY Learn Quick Tips Tricks Restore Cars Paint This is just the second part of the detail video on this very nice 97 Olds Aurora. The paint was really faded on this car and I really wasn’t sure how well the paint would come out. Well I had to do a little extra buffing mainly with the first stage to get all of the corrosion off of the paint but it really came out nice. The second stage really set it off and gave the paint a nice shiney almost wet look. I show you what the cars looks like all detailed out at the end of the video. Buffing a car makes the biggest difference on a car. Thank You for watching and please Share my Videos Comment on the Like them and Make sure you are Subscribed..;-)

Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy

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Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy

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  1. tatan flores

    i literally got polishing cancer from seeing this ish!

  2. Dale W Carr

    You can tell the times have changed by just reading the comments, WOW! Most of you think you have it all figured out because you've watch 3,000 YT videos and that's how it is. Look, this man is NOT a detailer nor did he claim to be… HE SELLS CARS. The cars that he restores to sell are neglected junkyard-bound cars… He fixes and does enough for the vehicles to comply and pass inspection so they can be sold. This is not Concours or Show detailing… a lot of the cars have 1 STAGE PAINT JOBS, a standard BEFORE clear coat was put on all of today's vehicles. It is normal to see color transfer when you compound a single stage paint surface. Plus, look at the shape of the car you are complaining about in this video, THE CLEAR COAT IS GONE ANYWAY, IT BROKE DOWN FROM NEGLECT, THAT'S WHY THIS CAR LOOKS SO BAD. Please do research before getting on someone's video just to argue because you THINK you know what you are talking about. As far as what I've seen he just shined a piece of shit and made it look presentable… most of you have been brainwashed and think you need top of the line tools to get results i.e. Rupes, Flex, foam pads, cross hatch polishing patterns, blah, blah, blah. What do you think real pros were doing before Rupes and Flex came along? or What do you think we were using before variable speed polishers and DA polishers? Car detailing is 90+ years old, most of the bad ass detailing products and tools you know of today just came about in the last 20 years. Lol… Just from seeing what he did in this video with what he used, I'd bet if you put new tech tools, and polishes and pads in his hands he'd shine the shit out of high-end cars like the already clean cars most of you have watched get polished on YouTube. And I can tell because of the way he did the whole car with rotary a tool most of you haven't mastered because you are new age DAers lol. I'm not here to argue I'm just saying if you don't agree then leave his video behind and move on OR MAKE A VIDEO SHOWING US ALL HOW IT'S DONE.

  3. Psycopper

    can you paint clear coat over this one stage paint?

  4. mateo Chafin

    When buffing you don’t want to go fast like he was doing you want to buff medium/high speed but moving slowly

  5. John Doe

    ReallyStep 1 rub wax in small areas with apply padsStep 2 after dry take off with polishing padStep 3 repeat and this is after using a cleaning wax not polish
    Applying it wet and not dry is not letting it buff the paint

  6. Snooty Fox

    Thousand Island perhaps? I actually like your channel. I wouldn't do anything you say in them, but I enjoy your junk yard antics. Lol

  7. heladio sanchez

    Why does the fin layer of wax sticks when I buff?

  8. Robert Langdon

    you better get some earmuffs if you're going to do that everyday, once you lost your sensorineural hearing you're not going to get it back

  9. DiscoKitten5

    I think the people who really dont know are the people telling him he doesnt know.. i'm pretty sure he knows what he's doing, because he details pos cars and doesnt waste product to get the desired somewhat glossy effect. He's a cheap flipper.

  10. Guildenstein Foutch

    This guys voice sounds just like Ryan Reynolds lol

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