Chevrolet Volt

Luxury cars are appealing for those who want to showcase their lots in life. But just because there’s appeal in riding in class and elegance, that doesn’t mean the second-hand market has been good for models in this segment. There are a number of reasons why luxury cars don’t break the bank on the used-car market, and one of those reasons revolves around crossovers, SUVs, and even pickup trucks. Luxury cars, especially of the sedan persuasion, have lost their appeal because consumers these days have flocked towards more versatile vehicles, whether its’ an SUV, pickup, or in the case of the cars below, affordable sedans, hatchbacks, and hybrids.
An unexpected paradigm shift is another reason.

The idea of what a luxury car is has eroded because customers’ tastes aren’t what they used to be. Not a lot of people are as interested in the bespoke materials inside a car or how fast it is from 0 to 60 mph. What matters these days is a sprinkling of all those things in one versatile package. Combine all that with cheaper costs in the second-hand market and lower maintenance costs upon ownership, and you get the picture why second-hand luxury cars aren’t as appealing as they used to be, and why the cars below have become the fastest-selling models in the used-car market.