Step by step guide to repairing a plastic bumper with 3M Body Repair products.
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  1. radarthreat

    Be sure to wear your 3M apron and polo shirt for best results

  2. marshallpulham

    These videos are brutal I would understand a DIY brand directed company like duplicolor making a video like this but a reputable company like 3m should be showing correct repair procedures with the proper materials they do offer them why they don't suggest them is beyond me I guess they want a bad name when joe John and Suzy decide to DIY their bumper after watching a 3m how to video then when it blows up because they used body filler on flexible plastic with no adhesion promoter he can blame3m

  3. David Worsley

    What's the name of the wax and grease remover again?

  4. TheRealDirtySwagRec

    They love a wax and grease remover..

  5. diver dave

    good God the back ground music ruined this video !

  6. Fire Crow's Workshop

    Yet another video where they tell you to WAX AND GREASE the area!!! What the hell? If it's a WAX AND GREASE REMOVER, then clearly, you're not freaking waxing nor greasing with it!!!

  7. gwgn02

    Wax on…wax off…with 3m Wax and Grease Remover. 

  8. Derick Clarke

    This is an advert for wax and grease remover I think is not selling to well,judging by how often it 
    is mentioned

  9. Mr2pint

    Don't bother with the 3M wax and grease remover – just use a wax free detergent or rubbing alcohol..

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