Tesla Takes On Compact Crossovers

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The 2020 Tesla Model Y is framed as the California brand’s latest mass-market compact crossover. While we have yet to see it out in the open, the teaser images revealed thus far point to a familiar shape, namely a design similar to that of the larger Model X SUV.

That means the Y will be aerodynamic, cutting through the atmosphere with a sloping roofline, featureless front end, flush door handles, and smoothed-out quarter panels.

The Model Y will also be about 10-percent larger than the Model 3 sedan. For reference, the current four-door model is 185 inches long, 73 inches wide and 56 to 57 inches tall, which means the Y should be roughly 203.5 inches long, 80.3 inches wide, and 62.7 inches tall, if each measurement is indeed 10 percent bigger.

The Model Y will also most likely be heavier than the 3. While a straight 10-percent weight increase is unlikely (the heaviest components are in the powertrain, not body panels), it’s worth mentioning that the 3 weighs between 3,686 and 4,072 pounds, depending on the configuration, and we’d expect to see at least a few hundred pounds added across the board with the Y.

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Under the skin, the Model Y will once again take its powertrain cues from the Model 3 sedan, with 75 percent of the components carried over into the compact crossover.

That means both a single-motor rear-wheel drive setup and dual-motor all-wheel drive setup should be offered.

Battery configurations and output will also mirror those of the Model 3, with overall 0-to-60 mph times dinged a few tenths on the larger, heavier Y.

For the sake of comparison, the Model 3 lineup offers 0-to-60 mph times of 5.6 seconds, 5.3 seconds, 5.2 seconds, 5.0 seconds, and 4.5 seconds, while the range-topping Performance model hits the benchmark in 3.2 seconds. The Model 3 Performance also maxes out with a 162-mph top speed.

The Model 3 Performance also comes with sharper suspension, 20-inch wheels, and better brakes, plus a subtle carbon fiber spoiler, all of which we could see included in a Performance iteration of the 2020 Tesla Model Y.

Finally, the 2020 Tesla Model Y will offer 10 percent less range than the Model 3.

For comparison, the Model 3 offers 220 miles, 240 miles, 264 miles, 310 miles, and 325 miles per charge. Take 10 percent off the top, and the Y could offer 198 miles, 216 miles, 238 miles, 279 miles, and 293 miles, depending on the configuration.

Recharge rates will still be rated at 170 miles in 30 minutes when plugged into a Supercharger V2 plug, although Tesla will start offering Supercharger V3 next month with double the recharge rate.

What Kind of Performance Can We Expect From the 2020 Tesla Model Y?
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Of course, it has to be said that all of this is just speculation and that Tesla will most likely offer a limited powertrain and trim level selection with this first round of production. Later, though, we do expect much more selection for the Y.

Stay tuned, as we’ll cover the debut of the 2020 Tesla Model Y tonight as it happens!

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