Having friends with a lot of money pays off. I am presenting to you an awesome drag race between the Ford GT and the Lamborghini Aventador. The two supercars went head-to-head in a showdown where we could witness two completely different supercar cultures clashing with a bang.

Yet, before I get into the subtle intricacies and nuances about the Ford GT and the Lamborghini Aventador, I have to say that guys at DragTimes did a wonderful job of taking the right time for the cars they let loose at the drag strip.

I have to reveal one secret right now though. The Ford GT did a few ¼ of a mile runs even before going head-to-head in a rolling drag race against the Aventador. It achieved a top speed of 132.3 mph and covered ¼ of a mile in a freaking 10.89 seconds. It could do it in 10.5 with some subtle tweaks.