Ram had to keep up with Ford and Chevy, so the time came to give the Ram 1500 a very serious update. And, a serious update is exactly what it got. And, when we say full update, we mean it is all-new with a new frame, new grille, and a completely revised interior, among other things. The fifth-gen model brings together every major selling point the truck has ever had in the best way yet it’s lighter than ever. Even the EcoDiesel V-6 got an update to deliver more power and torque while the truck can even be had with a deployable front air dam and a mild-hybrid drive system. We could talk about the new Ram 1500 all day long, but that’s not why we’re here (you can read our full review for that.) instead, we’re here because we love the look of the new 1500 and decided to make it our wallpaper of the day. Check out our hand-picked favorite or choose from a full gallery of awesome shots.