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When an easter egg turns out to be a Christmas present

Tesla owners have a new easter egg to play with after the electric car maker added an “Emissions Testing Mode” to its vehicles via an over-the-air update.

At present there are seven fart options to choose from, all named after a product from one of Musk’s companies or a recent Musk-related controversy: Not a Fart, Short Shorts Ripper, Falcon Heavy, Ludicrous Fart, Neurastink, Boring Fart, and I’m So Random, which is a random mix of all of the above.

Owners can enable in-cabin toots to be issued whenever the indicator is used or when the scroll wheel on the left spoke is pressed.

Above: Toot toot configuration screen via Microfrost on Twitter.

The easter egg seems to be available for all Model S, Model X and Model 3 vehicles. Sadly this new feature plays a sound via the audio system, but doesn’t add a fruity musk, with a hint of aged oak and fresh durian, to the cabin.

After news of Tesla’s latest piece of flatulence hit the internet, Elon Musk agreed on Twitter to add a user requested feature: “fart on demand”, which would permit owners to use Tesla’s mobile app to prank the person currently driving their car.

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