The new Suzuki Jimny became an instant icon, an instant conversation starter, and an instant problem for Suzuki. The Japanese company simply cannot cope with the demand. The production facilities are working at their absolute limits, but there is no way for Suzuki to produce enough to meet the demand. That’s a problem.

Nevertheless, those produced are already being trashed somewhere on some off-road terrain. Some of them, however, managed to reach the garages of the most recognizable tuners out there. First, we were treated to that awesome Liberty Walk modification that basically turned the Suzuki Jimny into a baby Mercedes-Benz G-Class. At least in the virtual world, but I believe one can order it right now. On the other hand, we got an all-new look at another modified Suzuki Jimny. This one is done up by Wald International, a Japanese company known for its Black Bison Edition line of modifications. That’s exactly what the new Jimny received – and it’s awesome.