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But they’re not full-on STI models, just a pair of styling packages. Boo, hiss.

Subaru has revealed the pair of hotted-up ‘STI’ concepts it’s planning to reveal at the Tokyo Auto Salon next month, in the form of two sporty-styled specials.

The Impreza STI Concept takes the base hatch, and adds a set of custom wheels, some black add-ons to the front bumper and side skirts, central exhaust, and a contrast roof finish. Not exactly groundbreaking stuff, but similar to what we’ve seen from Mazda with its range of add-ons for the 3.

Inside, Subaru says there’s a deep red finish on the leather with a unique texture, but there are no images to confirm what that will actually look like.

Under the bonnet, the car has been fitted with a heavily turbocharged… who are we kidding, it’s based on the regular 2.0-litre Impreza offered in Japan, making the same 115kW and 196Nm of torque.

On the Forester front, the STI Concept is based on the e-Boxer hybrid powertrain. There’s no extra grunt, meaning you get the company’s 115kW, 2.0-litre direct-injection petrol engine with a CVT gearbox/motor unit and a lithium-ion battery pack under the cargo floor.

Externally, it’s been treated to an ever more aggressive bodykit than the Impreza, offset by a custom grey paint finish, 19-inch alloy wheels, and six-piston front brakes.

At this point, there’s no word on whether either model will make production, but a performance model has been put on the table by Subaru Australia.

“The XT was a fantastic car and we love it. It was great fun. It was quite unique in the market,” Colin Christie, Subaru Australia boss told¬†CarAdvice.

“I think the reality is, and Subaru’s done the exact right thing, which is where the growth or the potential growth or the future growth of Forester is which is attracting a bigger audience, will come from the core car,” he said.

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