Porsche 924

We all know that protecting your vehicle is of paramount importance. Especially if your car is a decades-old Porsche that you’ve acquired after years of hard work and dedication. Now, owning one of these rolling masterpieces has become a little less stressful with the launch of the Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking system that allows owners to track their cars and be notified if the batter has been disconnected or if the car has left a certain area.

Porsche is working tirelessly to please the customers that are lining up to buy the new 992-generation Porsche 911. But that’s not the entire business Porsche’s in. The company from Stuttgart also caters towards the owners of vintage Porsche models and beyond parts and expert servicing, Porsche now offers a smartphone app that will allow you, the owner of such a car, to be on top of where your car is at all times.