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Puma and Pirelli produce new Replicat-X 1.8 shoe | Puma photos

Inspired by a turbocharged 1.8-liter engine that was among the “most iconic” in motorsports history, sports shoe producer Puma and tire supplier Pirelli have launched the Replicat-X 1.8 Pirelli, a sneaker with a quick-lacing system. 

“The Replicat-X 1.8 Pirelli takes on the ferocity and form of a modern supercar, inspired by motorsports heritage, to transform it into the fastest footwear in the entire collection,” the shoe company based in Herzogenaurach, Germany, said in its announcement.

If you’re wondering what engine inspired the shoe, so are we. And we asked. Twice, before finally receiving this response: “Without mentioning the specific engine, the Puma Replicat-X 1.8 is inspired by that very number and its significance for motorsports vehicles past and present.”

We suspect that Puma isn’t saying which 1.8-liter turbo inspired the shoe because the engine manufacturer might want a piece of any profits the shoe might produce. 

But back to the shoe itself: To provide “faster acceleration to kick off the day without worrying about tying your shoes,” the Replicat-X 1.8 Pirelli features a quick-lacing system as part of an upper made of perforated mesh vamp with lateral mesh panels for breathability. 

Puma adds that the upper is built up of layering more like that in a boot and which makes the shoe more comfortable. Meanwhile, the body of the shoe features an oversized wraparound full-rubber outsole with Pirelli’s Cinturato Blue tread pattern “to generate maximum traction during wet races. This gives it a distinctive, racing-inspired look.”

The shoe also has a molded sock liner for added comfort.

Puma says the shoe is being offered in retail stores in several color schemes: Black-Luminous Purple-Sunny Lime, White-Peacoat-Limepunch ,and Gray Violet-Sunny Lime-Palace Blue.

According to the Puma U.S. website, the shoes retail for $120 a pair.