The 2019 Lincoln Navigator is a full-size, truck-based luxury SUV that actually seems designed, inside and out, to be a luxury vehicle, not one in which luxury features and materials were grafted onto more humble truck roots. And that’s even if you don’t opt for the Black Label top trim level, though the Black Label interior “themes” do have a satisfying opulence, despite having silly names like Yacht Club and Chalet. The interior at each level is an impressive and stylish design with shapes, colors and textures that work together and aren’t just a collection of upscale materials and trim pieces. The luxury is supersized inside, even if you don’t get the long-wheelbase Navigator L, which adds cargo space; the sofa-like, adult-size third row is unmatched in the full-size class. It’s also super comfortable up front if you opt for the unusual 30-way adjustable Perfect Position seats. The Navigator’s first-class, user-friendly multimedia system is something other luxury brands should emulate.

The Navigator navigates like a genuine luxury vehicle as well, with plenty of power from the 450-horsepower, twin-turbo V-6 and 10-speed automatic and a smooth, quiet ride. Not everyone needs the size and capability of a land yacht like the Navigator, including towing up to 8,600 pounds, but if you do, you won’t find it in a more genuinely luxurious package.