by Drew Johnson
Leaked Ferrari patent outlines new turbo engine tech

Is Ferrari working on a new compelled induction system?

Ferrari has submitted a patent with the European Patent Office environment that indicates the Italian automaker is functioning on a new form of motor technologies.

The engine outlined in the patent is a 4-cylinder, but it very very well could be just just one lender of a potential V8 motor. What ever the circumstance, the new motor tech, which was unearthed by Autoguide, is fundamentally a new acquire on turbocharging.

Like a normal turbo motor, the a single in the Ferrari engine patent has a turbine wheel embedded in the exhaust method, but it truly is not physically related to a compressor like a typical turbocharger. In its place, it serves as a power supply for an electrical generator. Energy from that generator can be utilised to either operate an electric travel motor or spool up and electrical turbocharger.

The obvious advantage of acquiring such a set up is a reduction in turbo lag given that every little thing is electrically run somewhat than dependent on the engine’s exhaust. But according to the patent, the secondary advantage of the turbine setup is that it permits for infinite exhaust take note tuning. As opposed to modern butterfly-valved exhaust technique — which fundamentally run in two modes, off and on — the patented engine’s exhaust notice can be fantastic tuned by the speed of the turbine. Ferrari could even use an electric powered product to gradual the pace of the turbine to deliver the ideal motor audio without having neutering over-all overall performance.

Although clever, it stays to be viewed if Ferrari has any strategies to put the engine into common creation. It can be also achievable that Ferrari is establishing the engine for yet another marque, these kinds of as Alfa Rome or Maserati. Will this new just take on the turbo make it to fruition? Only time will inform.