Mercedes-Benz started 2018 strong by unveiling the new G-Wagon that’s pleasantly similar to the old one. However, with its bigger proportions and a clientele that’s likely never to leave the asphalt jungle of the inner cities, you may be inclined to think that the new G-Class is a lesser off-roader than before, but you’d be wrong. Jessi Combs shows you in this video how you should tackle a mud puddle and, frankly, it’s very easy in this SUV.

The G-Wagon is, truly, an evergreen machine: the exterior looks almost identical to the original Steyr-Daimler-Puch-built version unveiled in 1979. The same rugged edges, round headlights, horizontal grille, and short overhangs. But, the new model is more luxurious, bigger, and more intelligent than ever before. Its Sahara-trekking DNA is intact, though, as it comes with permanent AWD and three full-locking differentials.