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Owning a Ferrari is relatively easy provided that you have the money to spend to buy one. But owning a Ferrari? That’s a different story altogether. See, there are tiers when it comes to the kinds of Ferrari owners. Most people own one or two Ferraris and call it a day. They’re “regular” Ferrari owners if such a thing even exists. Then there’s the more exclusive club reserved for Ferrari’s top clients. These are the people who don’t just buy one or two Ferraris; they buy all of them, or at least most of them. These people are such regular customers that they get invited to an exclusive club that has access to the most exclusive of exclusive Ferraris: the one-offs.

Ferrari’s most important clients have opportunities to own one-off Ferraris that they themselves commission Ferrari to build for them. But just because they have that privilege doesn’t mean that Ferrari will build them a one-off model on a whim. The growing trend for one-off Ferraris comes in response to the increasing demand from clients to get their hands on a Ferrari that no other person in the world has. In turn, that demand has created a waitlist that can take up to four or five years to accommodate. We can argue whether a four- or five-year wait is too long, but it seems that no one is making a big fuss about it given how long the waitlist has become.

And considering the latest one-off that Ferrari just released — the Ferrari P80/C — there’s a case to be made that all that waiting will be worth it once the one-off model comes to life.