Last week, BMW removed the silk covers from the all-new BMW 3 Series G20. It is possibly the most important car revealed at the Paris Motor Show and definitely the most important car BMW revealed in the last three or so years. Yet, even on the photographs, one could definitely see that the 3 Series grew quite a bit. BMW reported a 2.9 inches increase in length. When I was working on that BMW 3 Series piece I was wondering just how big the new 3 Series really is.

The answer surprised me. The new BMW 3 Series G20 is bigger than the BMW 5 Series E39. Ok, not exactly longer, but I’ll get to that in a jiffy. Considering the E39 is basically my favorite car, I was almost annoyed, but then reason took over. I asked myself, how did we become so strangely obsessed with size and getting things bigger?