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Armored cars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but rarely do they come with a 202-mph top speed. This particular Audi RS7 is one such example, and it’s probably the coolest Audi you’ll ever see. Such platitudes come with a great deal of expectation, but you won’t have to worry about this particular RS7 meeting — and exceeding — those expectations. It’s called the AddArmor APR RS7, and it was built to withstand heavy artillery and embarrass any fool who thinks they can take this car on in a drag race.

The AddArmor APR RS7 is the brainchild of Wisconsin-based specialty car builder AddArmor. As the company’s name so obviously implies, AddArmore specializes in comprehensive armor upgrades for vehicles. Every so often, though, the specialist goes the extra mile by enlisting the help of a performance tuner to truly spice up its creations. The result of this ambitious endeavor is the AddArmor APR RS7, one of the few cars in the world that can withstand a heavy artillery assault, look oh-so fine doing it, and blast off to 202 mph without breaking much of a sweat.