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The Porsche Ice Force Pro Experience is more than proving grounds for would-be Porsche drivers. Unlike most “Experiences” that Porsche offers all over the world, Ice Force Pro is different, in part because it’s located 110 miles north of the Arctic Circle in a place called Levi, Finland. The 76-acre plot of frozen awesomeness lets you test your driving and drifting skills in the snow.

Even better, it lets you do it in a range of Porsche models, ranging from the 911 Carrera 4S, 911 GT3, and yes, the all-electric Taycan. Carfection recently took a trip to Ice Force Pro — just before the global quarantine shut almost everything down — to see what it’s like to drive and drift these Porsche models — specifically the Taycan — with studded tires, in an environment that’s as white as cotton.