The most anticipated electric mid-size crossover, the 2020 Tesla Model Y, was finally revealed at the dedicated event in Hawthorne, California, Thursday night. It immediately took the Internet by storm to reinvigorate a whole new variety of potential electric vehicle buyers. With the reveal of the new mid-sized crossover, the most ubiquitous and recognizable Tesla, the Model S, is threatened to lose that imaginary title to the new Tesla Model Y. Elon Musk, who showcased the new Tesla, predicted the Model Y’s demand to be double that of the Tesla Model 3. And that one is the best selling luxury sedan in the U.S.

However, the 2020 Tesla Model Y may not be as revolutionary, or even evolutionary, as some of us have hoped. Despite the Model Y’s clear similarities to the Model 3, the new electric crossover is quite exciting, and I’m here to give you all the astounding facts about it.