Winter is a season some find magical and quite whimsical, but the fact of the matter is low temperatures are not comfortable for anybody, even those who declare themselves wholehearted lovers of this time of year. And cars nowadays are adding more and more temperature comfort features to keep as many parts of your body as warm as possible – this is definitely a positive development in the industry.

On top of this, while in the past such features were the reserve of high-end luxury cars, today you can get quite fancy features on a regular city car not designed to be anything special. These features are becoming more and more important to buyers since some manufacturers seem to have no trouble adding them to all their cars, while others still consider some features are best reserved for vehicles higher up in their range.

Once you’ve experienced these features, which we’ve assembled into a list below, you’ll wonder how you lived without them all those years before; here’s our pick of the ten desirable automotive features to keep you warm in winter.