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Muscle cars first gained popularity in the 1960s, and the ensuing years ushered a golden era of sorts for the car segment. Just about every automaker in the U.S. produced muscle cars, and while some have stood the test of time, others have gone by the wayside. Those who have survived have continued to thrive, particularly in recent years when the muscle car segment experienced a renaissance of sorts. Today, the pony car business is as alive as it’s ever been. We’re seeing automakers break new ground on some of the most powerful cars in the industry and, while the rest of the auto world has gravitated towards SUVs, hybrid cars, and electric cars, there’s still plenty of space for muscle cars to roam free and remind us that these high-powered machines are more than just chips off the old block. Take a look at these ten modern muscle cars that you shouldn’t overlook at a time when electrification is what’s on everyone’s mind.