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What tools does ChrisFix use? What are good tools for beginners? How do you get free tools? How do you make money buying tools? All of these questions are answered in this video!!!

New Red Tool Box (Loaded):
Breaker Bar:
A good beginner socket set:
A good beginner wrench set:
Wireless OBD2 Scanner I use:
Jack I use:
Impact Gun:

How to Fix Wheels with Scratches and Curb Rash:
How to Fix your Car’s AC:
What Work Gloves are the Best:

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  1. DigidyDOG Gaming

    I don't agree with you Hyundai analogy. I have a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Ultimate, little on the pricey side, bought it brand new and its on of the best cars I have owned. 😘

  2. CDubs HasIt

    I personally love the snap on line of ratchets, wrenches, and sockets. I also realllly reallllllly love their clicker torque wrenches as well as their digital torque wrench that does angle measurements as well. Yes I paid a shit ton of money up front but none of them are broke and are as good as the day I got them. I also like supporting the home team whenever I can. But I bought my jacks and jack stands at harbor freight. Manifold gauges- harbor freight. Oxy torch harbor freight. Impact sockets harbor freight. Air compressor- harbor freight. Air hammer- harbor freight. Grease gun- harbor freight. Autel w/bi directional controls- harbor freight. And every single one of my electric impacts are Milwaukee’s.. but the basic hand tools— for me—have to be snap on. They just have that feel to them and as far as torque accuracy and consistency it’s hard to beat them— the navy uses them to put together fighter jets and space shuttles it’s hard to argue with that..

  3. Gary Zape

    The link is not exact tool box and tools in the box that you have in your video. Where did you get them?

  4. Robert Harrier

    You should just buy a big box if you have room first you will need it eventually anyway and usually you can buy one that includes most your hand tools in it especially on Craigslist you end up with a box and a lot of tools

  5. Daquan Lewis

    To get free tools: go to a pick a part and look in vehicles for tools other people left behind.

  6. Gary Payne

    It don't matter the brand of tool you always lose the 10 mm socket

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